Brief Intro:

Unit Testing(Mocha/Chai)

function sum(firstNumber, secondNumber){  return +firstNumber + +secondNumber}function subtract (firstNum, secondNum){  return firstNum - secondNum}module.exports = { //to export it for our tests to utilizesum,subtract,}console.log("It can sum 1…


  1. What is TypeScript & Why use it?
  2. Setting up TypeScript.
  3. Examples Static Typing & Errors in TypeScript.

What is Typescript and Why Would I use it?


  1. Why Redux?
  2. Fetching Data and Setting State in a React Class Component vs Using Redux and Hooks to do the same thing.
  3. Deep dive into the Redux Provider and the “Store”(ft. Reducers &Hooks)

So, Why Redux?

Javaria Brascom

Full-Stack Engineer and Video Game Connoisseur

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